Spermiogram module

  • The spermiogram module enables to input, save and print patient data and spermiograms according to WHO laboratory manual.

  • Already while entering, the data will be checked for plausibility.

  • Usually each measurement parameter (concentration, motility, morphology etc.) will be formed from multiple measurements per sample.

  • The calculation of the mean values and tolerances happens automatically.

  • The results will be validated regarding plausibility and possible measurement errors. For instance, the mean values will be checked against threshold values, chosen by the user and the violation of the limit will be signalized. Also the tolerances will be checked according to WHO laboratory manual.

  • The integrated laboratory counter allows the less-fatigue and low error counting of the objects without moving the view from the microscope ocular.

  • Technical prerequisites: Standard computer with  Internet connection,  operating system Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 10, and microscope.

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Camera module

  • The camera module is the extension of the spermiogram module.

  • It enables to record and to save microscopic images and videos respectively for following measurements: concentration, motility, morphology, peroxidase, epithelial cells, antibodies and vitality.

  • The subjective visual assessment can be made directly from the computer screen. The counting happens further on manually with the integrated laboratory counter.

  • Together with the software a microscope camera (USB interface) will be delivered. If not already available, the microscope has to be completed by a camera adapter (C-mount, 0.5x magnification).

  • The saved microscopic images can be printed out in combination with the spermiogram.

  • The image date can be exported and used in a third-party standard software, for instance Microsoft Powerpoint.

CASA module

  • The CASA module is the extension of the camera module (CASA: Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis).

  • It enables the automatic analysis of the saved images and videos for following measurements: concentration, motility, and morphology (under development: peroxidase, epithelial cells, antibodies and vitality).

  • The subjective visual assessment and calculation with the laboratory counter becomes a thing of the past.

  • The dilution and sedimentation in the counting chamber is not necessary any more. Instead, motility and concentration will be measured simultaneously with a native sample.