AndroExpert has been adapted to the new WHO laboratory manual


December 2021 | AndroExpert has been adapted to the sixth edition of the WHO laboratory manual, published in 2021.

It includes new and expanded sections on semen sample preparation, determining markers for infection, computer-aided sperm analysis, and processes for basic, extended, and advanced examination of human semen. But throughout, the emphasis is on the quality of processing and examination, and the consistency of results from all laboratories.

Updates include clear instructions and explanations on the order in which analyses should be performed when a semen sample is delivered to the laboratory, including Quality Control and External Quality Assessment. There are step-by-step procedures and checklists for the international community of laboratory technicians and scientists working with human semen.

Perhaps the most significant change in the sixth edition is the reintroduction of the four-category distinction of sperm motility, which causes additional work for laboratories in changing reporting parameters but is clinically important. Another essential change is the widened focus from mainly a prognostic tool for medically assisted reproduction to additionally raising awareness of semen examination as a measure of male reproductive functions and general male health.

Here you can download a free copy of the manual.