New software for internal quality assurance based on WHO standard

May 2011 | Spermiogram software has been further developed based on the WHO standard.

The fifth edition of the WHO laboratory manual for examination and processing of human semen recommends to make replicate measurements in the routine semen analyses as a general method for internal quality assurance. AndroExpert has implemented these guidelines in the new software and guarantees full compliance with them.

Immediately after saving a pair of measurement values the check for deviations of the replicate will be executed. If the pairs fulfil the checking rules, they will be released automatically. Not released pairs will be marked.

Optionally, the data can be monitored. For this purpose quality reports will be generated for definite supervisory periods. Such period will be finished with a retrospective report at the end of the month, assumed in this month minimum 50 released replicates have been summed.

The report has to be released by the supervisor and can not be changed afterwards. All results, calculations and reports can not be deleted for a period of 5 years.

The new software features easy usability, clear depiction and high data integrity.