Interfaces to MediTEX, DOCexpert, Albis, MCS, Frey , Duria, TurboMed, CompuMED und Medistar

April 2011 | AndroExpert offers interface for mainly in Germany used medical office administration software.

The already supported software of CRITEX (MediTEX) and DOCexpert (DOCconcept, DOCcomfort) will be completed by products from Albis, MCS, Frey (QUINCY), Duria, TurboMed, CompuMED und Medistar.

Directly at the measuring station AndroExpert will be started by the medical software.
All functions are available as usual in AndroExpert, like input and validation of measurement data, viewing images and videos, print of spermiogram, up to computer assisted measurement (CASA).

Transmission of spermiogram data to the office software and the patient data to AndroExpert happens at the push of a button.

The spermiogram data transmitted to the office software can be further processed, for example in a clinical report.  

The interface is based on GDT standard of Qualitätsring Medizinische Software e.V. and is available for all AndroExpert modules.