Software modul Rili-BÄK under development

February 2011 | The German medical organization Bundesärztekammer has adopted a directive especially for ejaculate examination (Richtlinienteil B4) which came into effect first of January.

According to this directive, internal quality assurance includes sperm measurement of concentration, motility and morphology.

The measurements are carried out as replicate determination which will be released based on the difference of the value pairs.

Additionally, after completion of 50 released replicates a retrospective assessment will be executed by the end of the calendar month.

The described directive has to be complied end of 2012 at the latest.

AndroExpert will offer the module “Rili-BÄK” for the spermiogram software from April 2011. This module meets fully the requirements of the “Richtlinienteil B4” and features easy usability, clear depiction and high data integrity.