Digital microscope cleaning


Above you can see two microscopic pictures of morphology measurement with different sperms.

Have you noticed that some objects in the background are identical in both images?

These objects are not part of the sample, but this is contamination of the microscope.


The microscope is equipped with oil immersion objective (100x magnification, bright field), camera adapter (0.5x magnification) and a 1.3 megapixel digital camera.

Although it is a relatively heavy impurity which could be reduced with basic cleaning, the described case happens more often in the everyday practice.


It is obvious: such impureness generates undesired artefacts which degrades the measurement accuracy.

In these two images the contaminating objects are not visible anymore. The disturbing background has been removed by automatic digital image processing which happens unperceived for the user within fraction of a second.


The described technology of ’digital microscope cleaning’ will be available with next AndroExpert software update.

Nevertheless, we do recommend periodical inspections and cleaning, because this is always the best to avoid contamination of the measurement device.